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Las Vegas Travel- For Business or Pleasure

Known as "Sin City," Las Vegas is filled with endless activities for visitors of all ages. MCA Travel experts will help you experience the best attractions while still maintaining a budget.  

Las Vegas Vacations- Entertainment and Activities for All Ages

Vegas is one of the premier locations in the United States when it comes to entertainment, and there are many varieties available.

Traveling to Las Vegas for the first time or with your children?  No worries...there's lots to see and do but with the travel pros from MCA Travel, we'll help steer you in the right direction to help you budget your time and money as well as guide you to the types of placed and activities which align with your travel goals (and values). 

You can often find performances for all audiences including magic shows, residency concerts from well-known artists, theater performances, comedy shows and much more. Some places even preserve the early Vegas style of offering entertainment and dinner in the same show. In the Freemont area you can find an impressive laser show every night at 9:30pm, and the free show is definitely worth the experience to check it out. 

Las Vegas Casinos

Visitors to Vegas can't complete the trip without visiting one of the numerous casinos for which the city is famous. You may prefer to skip around from venue to venue to get as much out of the trip as you can, or you can book your stay at one of the famous hotels in order to get a top-notch casino experience. This way you get the benefit of luxury accommodations along with an assortment of games all in one place. You can also venture to casinos off the strip for a more unique Vegas experience. At Binion's Casino in the Freemont section of the city, you can even get a great prime rib dinner for much less than you would expect to pay eating on the strip.

Daytime Fun in Las Vegas

There are also exciting activities available in the daytime in Las Vegas, and many of them are great for family fun. You can go sightseeing around the city's attractions, venture out into the desert on ATVs or take helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon. Popular attractions include visiting the Hoover Dam and Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Most of the hotels have magificent swimming pools.  

The Best Las Vegas Experience

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