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Specializing in Travel to the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a highly popular destination for many travelers, and it is also a hot spot for destination weddings.

Our travel agents at MCA Travel have experienced just about every desirable vacation destination in the Caribbean.  Our vast knoweldge of hotels, restaurants, beaches, shopping and night-life hot spots are what assures our clients of a great and memorable vacation getaway.  

Caribbean Vacations

You don't pay a penny more for our experience or advice and the planning behind your travel. Don't fall into the online travel booking trap. Our relationshiops and connections in the Carribean means we can get you more for your money than piece-meal booking your own travel online.  

Aruba Vacations

Aruba is a top destination in the Caribbean for weddings and holidays.  So enjoyable, more people return to Aruba than almost any other vacation destination. 

The tropical scenery and backdrop make not only the perfect place for a beach wedding but also a tranquil stay for a honeymoon. The sunny locale is also home to a number of spas where you may receive massages, facials or other treatments to truly unwind. Aruba features various culinary influences that fuse Caribbean, Dutch, European and Latin flavors for you try along your stay. For excursions, take advantage of the 150-foot sandbar in front of the Holiday Inn that offers great chances to see the area's marine life. The coast also features a German ship wreck visitors use for snorkeling and SCUBA diving. 

Consistent warm temperatures and a breeze makes Aruba a pleasure all year long. 

Bahama Vacations

Visitors flock to the Bahamas for its crystal clear blue waters that are as warm as they are beautiful. They also make a great setting for various water sports such as snorkeling, kiteboarding, parasailing and jet skiing. When not in the water, visitors love the unique shopping available here. In Freeport, the famous Straw Market boasts numerous goods such as bags and hats to enjoy while on vacation or even to take back home. A famous drink of the area is Pusser's Rum Punch. It's a strong one that should be enjoyed one at a time.

Punta Cana Vacations

Located in the Dominican Republic, this getaway if an often overlooked spot that gains more and more attention over time. It offers the trademark white sand beaches and clear waters often sought after in this region, and the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino here is one of the most impressive with its expansive design, beautiful scenery and luxurious amenities. Exciting activities available include dune buggies, zip lining, history tours, cave exploration and horseback riding.

Caribbean Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are a growing trend that allow couples to combine scenic ceremonies with memorable honeymoons. It is important to make sure the location will allow the wedding to be valid in the United States. Your travel agent here at MCA Travel will be able to check and plan all of these details for you.

Not only will your get the most for your money by booking your Caribbean vacation with the travel experts at MCA, you'll also spend a lot less effort in planning and organizing your trip.  You will be amazed how much better your vacation is once you have experienced the difference.  

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