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Answers to the Most Common Questions About Corporate Travel

Every metropolitan area around the world has travel agencies who claim to be Corporate Travel specialists. Let's not beat around the bush-we're all in business to make a profit. The answers to these most frequently-asked questions will shed some light on how we conduct business relative to your most common questions. 

Frequently-Asked Questions When Considering a Corporate Travel Agent

Q. Will we pay more for your services than if we book travel internally?

A. Our fees are transparent. Yes, we charge a fee but we also have negotiated rates with hotel and car rental partners around the world. Outsourcing your corporate travel to us keeps you and your staff at work doing the work of YOUR business. You pay a very modest fee and get so much service and convenience in return.

Q. Are there airline discounts available if we book though an agency?

A. Airlines do not give travel agents a discount OR commissions. As you know, booking airfare, especially on the phone is a time consuming process. We do this for you.

We offer our clients the lowest/most logical airfare with every booking, we’re saving our clients valuable time in exchange for a very modest fee.


Q. We're a small company and we don't do a whole lot of traveling like bigger businesses. Is it worth it for us to talk about working together?  

A. Small companies benefit from our services as much as large ones. You have got to spend major time on your business, not the worries of planning travel. You get the same benefits in terms of our experience, negotiated rates, 24/7 availability and soup-to-nuts travel arrangements. If you have never experienced this kind of service, you will be amazed at the difference it makes. You will be more productive and you'll most likely find the fees you pay are more like an investment than an expense. 

Q. What's the major difference between MCA Travel and any other Corporate Travel Agency?

A. We charge a FLAT FEE. Most other agencies have hidden fees. Everyone at MCA has previously worked at other agencies as we grew up in the business. We have seen their tactics first hand. This is the #1 biggest reason we win over new clients. The #2 reason is because we're really dedicated to a personal-service experience. We don't treat a corporate account like a "thing". We treat you like individual travelers. We answer the phone 24/7...and it's not an aswering's someone from our staff. The difference is night and day. We're proud of it. You'll love it. 

Q. Do you have the experience to handle a large account? We book a lot of travel.

A. We have been serving corporate clients for over 20 years (collectively we have more years than we'd like to admit). Between our experience, resources, current clientele, and technology, we're confident in saying , YES...we can handle the needs if you're a larger company. If your company has over 1,000 traveler’s we do offer CONCUR, one of the nation’s largest on-line corporate booking tools. Best thing to do would be to set up an appointment and let's learn about your particular travel needs. 

MCA Travel is located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. We serve corporate travel clients in the local area, Philadelphia, and other major cities around the country. If you're not sure if you need your own corporate travel agency, find out. Just give us a call and let's talk about it. If you're already using a travel agent for your business and you want to compare, you owe it to yourself and your business to sit down with us to learn about how we can save you money and add convenience over your current provider. Thank you for your interest in MCA Travel. We look forward to your call: 856-281-9227.


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