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Your Vacation Cruise Specialist

When you want to travel to multiple locales in one go, there are few better ways to do that than with cruising. There are exciting things to enjoy on the ship, off the ship and in each location. Book a cruise through the best travel agent to get on-board credits you would miss when just booking through the cruise line...that's MCA Travel in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Benefits of Choosing a Travel Agent Specializing in Cruises

On-board Activities
All of the attention placed on cruising usually involves the activities that take place off the ship, but there are many activities on-board that can be fun too. Today's ships are designed to be like luxury hotels combined with theme parks all on the water. There are activities for people of all ages, and things that suit many types of interests. When we sit down to discuss your trip, we'll find out your personal interest so we can match you up with the vessel most appropriate for your style. 

Just as we guide clients in budgeting their time and money on their on-land vacations, we're also here to help you budget your time and money on your cruise. 

You can find sports facilities, entertainment/shows, gambling and more. There are restaurants to explore offering cuisine of nearly every origin. If that's not enough, most ships also have pools, hot tubs and spas to enjoy when you simply need to relax.

Cruise Destinations

The itinerary is one of the most important aspects of the trip, and the locations you visit may end up becoming lifelong vacation spots. The Caribbean boasts clear waters and white sand beaches, and it is no surprise that so many cruise ships cross this region. Though this area receives so much attention, there are exciting cruise itineraries all over the world. You can find cruises that venture across the Mediterranean and see some of the oldest and most influential cities this way. There are also cruises that take you from one part of Asia to another for a continental cultural experience. Alaska cruises?  Yes, we've got them covered too. Lastly, you can use a cruise to get from one area of the world to your new destination. In addition to the extra fun, it makes a great alternative to traveling with planes each time.

Excursions-What to do when you land at various ports

Cruise excursions come in many varieties, and they will often depend on and be directly related to the places in which you dock on your trip. In many places in Mexico or the Caribbean, you get the chance to go snorkeling or even swim with dolphins. Thrill seekers love the chance to travel areas on ATVs, hike on nature trails or ride zip line stories above the forest floor. Any place you visit is bound to have educational excursions involving the area's history, so those that prefer more tame activities can enjoy these as well. It's a good idea to have your excursions pre-planned. When you book excursions through MCA Travel, you can get access to many of the same activities for less. You may also be able to get refunds in the event of cancellations or bad weather. 

Travel agent specializing in Cruise Vacations